Concept & Events

Internet is being flooded with websites where each one of them is dealing on a niche which is somehow important for the people surfing it constantly for getting the answer of their query.

This made difficult for the businesses to advertise their products effectively to reach out the flock of people they are targeting. Whether you’re an E-commerce, FMCG, Telecom or Automobile industry, the need to advertise your products is essential by the implementation of right technique.

Advertising agencies are coming up with the unique ideas that are proving beneficial for the businesses in promoting their products in a manner that leaves a positive impact on the viewers of it. The creative concepts & the way of their implementation by the advertising agencies aid the business owners to plunge in the market of businesses to leave their footprints for getting recognized by the people they are targeting.

Konsole Group has emerged as one of the renowned advertising agencies in Raipur whose all new concepts & promotional ideas helping businesses to get their customers attracted towards their products & services instantly. Where Banner ads, Nukkad Natak etc are the common mediums of business promotion; Flash Mob, Balloon Ads, Door-to-Door interaction with the audience, publishing animated videos on the main thoroughfares of different cities & organizing events at different occasions related to a product promotion creates a separate image of Konsole Group as a best advertising agency in Raipur among its competitors which made it stand out of the crowd.

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Mall Activity

The accelerated growth rate has given outstanding amount of disposable income to customers. They choose to spend the amount on leisure activities and shopping in malls. The number of malls has been increasing with a striking rate in metros as well as in small towns. This scenario creates an exclusive catchment for us to reach your target audience. Mall activations are important because customers are already engaged with activity what you want them to do- PURCHASE. This catchment creates an opportunity for us to reach large no. of customers at once and engage them with Fun activities and Entertainment to communicate your brand. Konsole has helped no. of brands like yours, to reach their short term and long term marketing goals.

Rural Activity

Studies have shown that Rural Indian is an untapped market area for brands. This part of India has potential to present flourishing business opportunities to marketers. Konsole with its in-depth knowledge, expertise of marketing and extensive reach to Rural areas, has taken initiative to communicate with your Rural customers. We have already helped Government and private brands to successfully reach the roots of the nation by our services like Rural events, Medical camps etc. We take special care of regional flavors while devising a rural activity.

Road Shows

Road show is a unique way to do live promotion of your brand. This activity influences and engages large no. of clients. Konsole helps you to reach your customers by devising a detailed road show plan with a complete route map, innovative concepts, thematic van designs and an experienced team of ground manpower. We enable you to meet your final goals like new customer acquisition, creating brand and product awareness, customer retention etc.

Conferences and Seminars

A dedicate team of professionals from Konsole conceptualizes and executes conferences and seminars for your guests. The whole event is conceptualized with an objective to make it unforgettable and impactful for your guests. The team looks after each and every component of your conferences and seminars right from theme, modern sound and lighting technology to impress your guests. The team manages all the logistics including venue booking and managing your guests. We create not an event but an experience.

Residential Activity

Residential activities is one of the most effective marketing activities that can bring small scale gathering of organized customers and helps them to know about your products and services. This communication platform creates effective networking and healthy environment for your brand. Konsole with its marketing expertise and area wise data helps you to reach your right segment of customers. Our experts conceptualize theme, design fun activities and set-up to engage family audience in their territory. The whole event is highlighted through games shows, cultural events, musical events as well as food stalls. This helps in grabbing the attention of the patrons and creating positive response about your brand and products & services.