Event Management

Looking for Event Management companies in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Konsole Group has emerged as one of the renowned names for event management company in Raipur, Chhattisgarh whose all new concepts & promotional ideas are helping businesses to get their customers attracted towards their products & services instantly. Where Banner ads, Nukkad Natak etc are the common mediums of business promotion; Flash Mob, Balloon Ads, Door-to-Door interaction with the audience, publishing animated videos on the main thoroughfares of different cities & organizing events at different occasions related to a product promotion creates a separate image of Konsole Group as the best event management company in Raipur amongst its competitors which made it stand out in the crowd.

Mall Activity

The online market is turning into a battlefield for the enterprises which coerces them to implement the most innovative & unique marketing techniques to save their position among their already established competitors. Today, it doesn’t take much time for an enterprise to dazzle in the online world if its marketing techniques are unique & appropriate. Though, online marketing is effective & result oriented, the increase in trend of mall activities has helped enterprises to reach their target audience within an instant.

The increase in the number of malls in metros & small towns created an alley for the enterprises to utilize the platform for promoting their business. Mall activities are important as they help them to engage with your brand & talk about its benefits. With the increase in popularity of Mall activities, Konsole Group has been named as the best in this segment & has helped our clients reach their target audience & promote their own brand.

Rural Activity

Studies have shown that Rural Indian is an untapped market area for brands. This part of India has potential to present flourishing business opportunities to marketers. Konsole Group with its in-depth knowledge, expertise of marketing and extensive reach to Rural areas, has taken initiative to communicate with your Rural customers. We have already helped Government and private brands to successfully reach the roots of the nation by our services like Rural events, Medical camps etc. We take special care of regional flavors while devising a rural activity for our clients.

Road Shows

Road shows, in a nutshell are a unique marketing technique that help companies to deliver the right information to its target audience by direct interaction. Today, roadshows are highly effective for business promotion as they help to increase the product knowledge & brand awareness. This offline marketing technique can help companies to demonstrate their business features in a coherent manner.

Konsole Group has helped many companies to promote their brand by executing a thematic plan properly mapped by their team of experts. Our ideas will enable you to communicate with your audience, increase your customer acquisition & spread your product information within your targeted location.

Experiential Marketing

What is experiential marketing & how it helps in customer engagement? Well, the days are gone when you adhere to the old marketing techniques & expect positive result after waiting for weeks or months. The time has changed the concept of marketing which coerced the marketers to bring changes in their concepts & ideas & come up with new marketing techniques. The birth of experiential marketing brought a revolution in the history of offline marketing by augmenting consumer engagement on a brand with ease. A creative idea of business promotion through direct interaction with the consumers makes it memorable & profitable for the business. The creativity of Konsole in generating new experiential ideas for business promotion helped our clients in reaching their marketing goals within a short period.

Residential Activity

Residential activities is one of the most effective marketing activities that can bring small scale gathering of organized customers and helps them to know about your products and services. This communication platform creates effective networking and healthy environment for your brand. Konsole Group with its marketing expertise will help you to reach your right segment of customers. Our expert’s conceptualize theme & fun activities work a lot for our clients in customer engagement. The whole event is highlighted through games shows, cultural events, musical events as well as food stalls. This helps in grabbing the attention of the patrons & creates positive response about your brand and products & services.