Website Designing & Development

Having understood the importance of having a website of your own is something that will give your business a competitive edge in the market. It is important mainly because the pattern has drifted from face to face interaction and purchasing to online shopping and transactions. Website is crucial with reference to lead generation because people visit your website, can place an order or purchase and if not but can be a potential lead which could be used for remarketing. Websites also is required to rank high in search engine i.e. to rank in the top position of Google.

People search online and especially on mobile, the searches have increased. People are more comfortable on mobile and tablets instead of laptops. Around 50percent of searches globally are from mobile according to Google. So going according to the trend, realizing and working on it is a great marketing strategy for a long run. According to the trend we are mainly into building mobile optimized websites, seo optimized and content management system. Under CMS there is word press, which is secure, fast and user friendly, is which helps them to grow in every technological ways.

Konsole Group is one of the best website designing company in Raipur, Chhattisgarh with professionals who understands client’s needs and offer customer centric services, which helps them to grow in every technological ways.

Responsive Design

At the dawn of 2004 a new webiste designing method was introduced into the digital world due to the colossal hike in mobile and tablet users.

Increasing ratio of the mobile and tablet forced the business world to update itself in accordance to the digital era. The paramount benefit of the responsive designing is that one can log on to the same website with the help of different devices. This lowers the maintenance cost and smoothens the management. We here, in KONSOLE have the expertise to design the responsive layout for your responsive and beloved business.

Bootstrap is one of the famous styling’s that is widely used by web designers. It is the same styling that we work on and we also do the necessary custom stylings if needed....>>Read More


In this ever evolving world, where technology changes at a lightning-fast pace, the web universe also needs to be changed, updated and reprogrammed from time to time, both in the case of technology and design methods. Every business website needs to redesign according to the current trend and updated technologies.

The best way to keep a business website updated is to redesign it at proper intervals, and we literally redesign a website according to the trend when the time comes.

Custom designing & development

Most of the Business website have the mediocre thinking and approach but few of them have different concepts and ideas. These orthodox concepts need to be customized and we have arrived to make the things right.

We use an open source for the development so that in near future the project can be scalable, manageable and can walk shoulder to shoulder with the latest trend. E-commerce and complex structure application are included in this category.

Content Management system

CMS nowadays is the most popular term we use, people everywhere, knowing or unknowing are using such frameworks; bloggers nowadays use Word Press, Joomla, Drupal as their weapon of choice and the list goes on. The main advantage to having the CMS is unlimited plug-in that make the website extraordinary. The main attribute that makes CMS popular is the Ease of Management that it and we have an expert team for of the development of the Micro Website Design.


Domain name is a trademark in today's business. In the last decade, domains have firmly evolved and attained the status of being business promoters and business identifiers. Here at KONSOLE, we help you to find yourself a perfect domain, buy that domain, transfer it to wherever you want, that too whenever you want. Our aim is to manage your domains flawlessly and ultimately connect you to your website directly.


Web Hosting is an internet hosting services that makes a website accessible to the whole world. Currently, we're offering a Linux based hosting in both the possible formats, namely shared and dedicated hosting.

E-mail Services

Business e-mails provide a professional make over to communicate and spread the business globally. At KONSOLE we offer our clients two types of mailing services, namely G-suite and business e-mail.