Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel marketing strategy aimed at reaching a target audience on their smart phones, tablets, and/or other mobile devices, via SMS, Whatsapp and Voice Call.

Mobile is disrupting the way people engage with brands. Everything that can be done on a desktop computer is now available on a mobile device. From opening an email to visiting your website to reading your content, it is all accessible through a small mobile screen.

In this age of mobile revolution, it is extremely important to stay in touch with technology at all times. Mobiles are the fastest way for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds.

Bulk SMS service

From browsing, texting, mailing etc everywhere mobile is involved. Because it is easy and handy. A lot of businesses sure short way to connect with their customers is bulk sms. Because it is easy, sent within minutes, flexible delivery, comparatively cheap and manageable>>readmore

Whatsapp Promotion

WhatsApp is the new SMS. We have realised that WhatsApp can be a very strong marketing tool. It is a good one-to-one platform for direct communication with our listeners.

You can use WhatsApp to send images, audio files, short video clips of your products and text messages to users across the world. Unlike SMS or Email, there is less restriction on the format and delivery chances are higher.>>Read more

Voice Call Promotion

Bulk voice call is a simple communication technology that allows you to take a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a short span of time. These bulk voice calls are most often used for community alerts, notifications, and for business and promotional purposes.

Bulk voice calls can be used for other purposes as well, like political campaigns, customer surveys, mobile marketing, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, EMI alerts, medicine reminders and so on.

Toll Free Number

Get a toll free number for your business and increase your sales possibilities. Use this phone number as your marketing strategy by displaying it on online and offline forums to attract potential callers. Capitalize on the increased number of calls to improve your conversion rates and RoI.>>Read more

IVR / Virtual Number

A virtual number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers, chosen by the client fixed, mobile or VoIP.

Long & Short Code

A long code is a simple alternative to using your personal mobile number which allows you to seamlessly send and receive messages. They are the quickest and cheapest dedicated number solution, If you need to receive replies to your messages but it’s not as important that people easily remember your number, then a long number is the most cost-effective solution.

A short code is a memorable number between 3 and 7 digits in length. They are ideal for marketing campaigns and promotions where you want people easily to remember your number.

Missed call service

You can promote your brands after the text alerting missed call details. Other useful services that can be used via Missed Call notifications are Lead Generation and Verification, Number Verification, Offline and Online Registrations, Feedback, Voting and Polling structure.