pushpendra singh

Mr. Pushpendra Singh, the Co-Founder and CSO of Konsole Group, is a versatile thinker and a visionary. He is also the CEO of Meri Property, Central India’s only real estate magazine. His entrepreneurial journey starts from college days when the founders of the group, including him, were conceptualizing Konsole Group. Since then, he never looked back. His thirst for market study and ability to generate new ideas has earned him the role of key strategic consultant at Konsole Group. His consultancy has helped many brands to tightly integrate their promotion campaigns and establish company’s brand value on a 360o approach i.e. he knows the success mantra of marketing mix from traditional to digital marketing space.

We believe that deep research and analysis is the core of every possible innovation.

He is an assertive learner and he believes in learning from the market. His ability to think ahead and risk taking ability for new innovation is the reason why Konsole Group remains young and dynamic. Under his leadership, Konsole Group was able to explore a range of business solutions for the start-ups to an already established brand.

Mr. Singh is a mentor and he loves to speak your language. He loves to present his ideas in form of an analogy, common day examples that one can easily connect, which he later elaborates to a huge landscape of marketing mix.