Harpreet Singh Dhody

Mr. Harpreet Dhody is management graduate from the University of Oxford carrying experience from versatile business backgrounds. He is the founder and curator of Global shapers. He has earned a reputation of renowned entrepreneurship and leadership spokesperson and was featured on TEDx and many other leadership building programs across the nation.

Konsole's story demonstrates that for a willing heart no challenge, no task is insurmountable.

At Konsole Group, he is the chief decision maker and looks after corporate affairs of the company. He consistently tracks new opportunities in the digital space, the industry’s current practices and bridges the gap between them. He regularly takes session of Konsolers to upgrade and update their knowhow. Mr. Dhody is a mentor and known to transform people so they can best perform to their capabilities to achieve personal and professional goals.One of his favorite techniques of recruitment is allocating on the spot task at the time of interview instead of asking about college degrees or education. As apparent from his cabin, in spare time he loves to read a lot. He is an eclectic reader and loves to read across genres.