The Co-founder of Konsole Group, Mr. Amandeep Singh Bhatia assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer in the company. He belongs to the generation of entrepreneurs who seeded their venture right from their college days and consistently striving to materialize the college days dream. An engineer by profession, a Social Network enthusiast and among a few youngsters who keeps deep interest in politics, he decided to synergize what he loves into what he would do.

Just like an organisation is run by it's people & not machines, Konsole is run a young & zealous team of konsolers and they are our heros!

Mr. Bhatia heads Government of India & public sector related Social Media & Promotion projects at Konsole Group and looks forward to more such opportunities. His operation expertise has been consistently improving the system and today, Konsole Group owns dedicated dashboards for premium clients where they can consistently track as well as analyze their social presence. Under his leadership, Konsole Group has been conducting many state level and national level digital media campaigns which were featured on print media and other mass communication channels.

Mr. Bhatia is a Steve Jobs fan and in his spare time he is tuned to Steve Jobs YouTube channel to take inspiration from his speech and presentation.