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Konsole is all social… literally. At Konsole, we work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any social network platform you can think of, that’s how social we are. When other organizations consider social networking as distraction, we at Konsole exploit them to their true potential and that’s what makes us Konsolite. We even send sms, sometimes-in-thousands-sometimes-in-lakhs-more-than-lakhs and still get paid for it! Really, that’s true, and that’s what makes us different. We love to be creative and we pour it all out on websites that we make for our clients. We sketch, we make videos, we write, we make storyboards, we build framework and then we synergize. That’s what makes us team players.

We are younger than the young India which makes us open, flexible, sensitive and talkative (that’s our secret). We talk a lot on specific topics, trending topics, random topics so, we never run short of ideas.

We have diverse background; so to say, we have director, producer, editor, news anchor, developer, engineer, manager, architect, pilot, scientist and even a cop working in our office! That’s how united we are.

We celebrate moment, from a PJ song to a peppy ringtone we can celebrate almost everything. In fact, we also have a ROAST in the house and he shows no mercy. We celebrate every festival and occasion in our office, we wish our clients and we wish customers of our clients too, they’ll never know. We take care of each other and we take care of our clients and that’s what makes us Konsolite.

We do what we love, we love what we do.


CEO,Konsole Group

Harpreet Dhody

Mr. Harpreet Dhody is management graduate from the University of Oxford carrying experience from versatile business backgrounds. He is the founder and curator of Global shapers. He has earned a reputation of renowned entrepreneurship and leadership spokesperson and was featured on TEDx and many other leadership building programs across the nation.
At Konsole Group, he is the chief decision maker and looks after corporate affairs of the company. He consistently tracks new opportunities in the digital space, the industry’s current practices and bridges the gap between them. He regularly takes session of Konsolers to upgrade and update their knowhow. Mr. Dhody is a mentor and known to transform people so they can best perform to their capabilities to achieve personal and professional goals.One of his favorite techniques of recruitment is allocating on the spot task at the time of interview instead of asking about college degrees or education. As apparent from his cabin, in spare time he loves to read a lot. He is an eclectic reader and loves to read across genres.
Co-Founder & COO,Konsole Group

Amandeep Singh Bhatia

The Co-founder of Konsole Group, Mr. Amandeep Singh Bhatia assumes the role of Chief Operating Officer in the company. He belongs to the generation of entrepreneurs who seeded their venture right from their college days and consistently striving to materialize the college days dream. An engineer by profession, a Social Network enthusiast and among a few youngsters who keeps deep interest in politics, he decided to synergize what he loves into what he would do.
Mr. Bhatia heads Government of India & public sector related Social Media & Promotion projects at Konsole Group and looks forward to more such opportunities. His operation expertise has been consistently improving the system and today, Konsole Group owns dedicated dashboards for premium clients where they can consistently track as well as analyze their social presence. Under his leadership, Konsole Group has been conducting many state level and national level digital media campaigns which were featured on print media and other mass communication channels.
Mr. Bhatia is a Steve Jobs fan and in his spare time he is tuned to Steve Jobs YouTube channel to take inspiration from his speech and presentation.
Co-Founder & CFO, Konsole Group

Suyash Chandel

Mr. Suyash Chandel is the Co-founder and CFO of Konsole Group. An engineer by profession and a technology enthusiast took over the role of Chief Financial Officer owing to his excellent management style. The same strength also earns him CPO (Chief People Officer) of Konsole Group. Mr. Chandel believes in a phrase ‘First Who then What’ i.e. at the time of recruitment he always evaluate the candidate on the basis of his/her abilities and then he considers what they can do for the organization. He believes that it’s important to have good talents working in the company than merely fulfilling recruitment needs. He stays firm with the same philosophy for clients and hence he’s been controlling the cash flows and maintaining good book of balance.
Mr. Chandel can connect to employees at all levels at Konsole Group and that’s what makes him an exceptionally good counselor. His ideas for developing a company culture and his attempts to change it into real, is the result why Konsolers have a unique style of working. He has been consistent in applying a flat organization culture wherein everyone is free to walk in and out to management and free to express their likings and disliking.
Co-Founder & CMO, Konsole Group

Zamauddin Khan

Mr. Zamuddin Khan, Co-Founder & CMO, Konsole Group as well as CEO Cubes Media, is a technocrat, who has a reputation of excellent marketing professional who has an in-depth understanding of current business requirement. An engineer by profession and a promoter of online business, he always looks for an opportunity emerging from private, public and government sector which can be best served using digital mediums. His creative perspectives have guided the organization to formulate an effective marketing material that can clearly communicate the message of intent or brand value.
Zama, as he wants to be called in the office follows rules of next gen entrepreneurs who can quickly adapt to the given situation. This ability makes him the most apt resource for difficult situations in the company. He is known to have brought best value proposition for the company owing to his excellent negotiation skills at the same time he makes sure that clients get what’s being promised by the organization.
Co-Founder & CSO, Konsole Group

Pushpendra Singh

Mr. Pushpendra Singh, the Co-Founder and CSO of Konsole Group, is a versatile thinker and a visionary. He is also the CEO of Meri Property, Central India’s only real estate magazine. His entrepreneurial journey starts from college days when the founders of the group, including him, were conceptualizing Konsole Group. Since then, he never looked back. His thirst for market study and ability to generate new ideas has earned him the role of key strategic consultant at Konsole Group. His consultancy has helped many brands to tightly integrate their promotion campaigns and establish company’s brand value on a 360o approach i.e. he knows the success mantra of marketing mix from traditional to digital marketing space.
He is an assertive learner and he believes in learning from the market. His ability to think ahead and risk taking ability for new innovation is the reason why Konsole Group remains young and dynamic. Under his leadership, Konsole Group was able to explore a range of business solutions for the start-ups to an already established brand.
Mr. Singh is a mentor and he loves to speak your language. He loves to present his ideas in form of an analogy, common day examples that one can easily connect, which he later elaborates to a huge landscape of marketing mix.
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