Mr. Suyash Chandel is the Co-founder and CFO of Konsole Group. An engineer by profession and a technology enthusiast took over the role of Chief Financial Officer owing to his excellent management style. The same strength also earns him CPO (Chief People Officer) of Konsole Group. Mr. Chandel believes in a phrase ‘First Who then What’ i.e. at the time of recruitment he always evaluate the candidate on the basis of his/her abilities and then he considers what they can do for the organization. He believes that it’s important to have good talents working in the company than merely fulfilling recruitment needs. He stays firm with the same philosophy for clients and hence he’s been controlling the cash flows and maintaining good book of balance.

Every possible development needs a healthy and positive environment, hence to maintain the positive vibes, we emphasise on the 'work is fun approach'!

Mr. Chandel can connect to employees at all levels at Konsole Group and that’s what makes him an exceptionally good counselor. His ideas for developing a company culture and his attempts to change it into real, is the result why Konsolers have a unique style of working. He has been consistent in applying a flat organization culture wherein everyone is free to walk in and out to management and free to express their likings and disliking.