Tuesday with Dhody - Session 1

Tuesday with Dhody - Session 1


Tuesday with Dhody - Session 1

Today, we had the first session of the series “Tuesday with Dhody” by our respected Group CEO Mr. Harpreet Dhody. I am sure you guys learnt many valuable things and will implement them on your daily lives. Just to serve as a reminder, here find the key takeways from the session:


We are all tigers

Sir started the session by sharing the reasons why we should be proud to call ourselves Konsolers. We are the firsts in so many vital aspects of our industry. We are the leaders of the Industry in Chhattisgarh. With the kind of leadership and vision the organization has, every member of the organization must realize the power of a tiger while interacting with the clients, working on a project with the team or even when you are negotiating with your next employer. You must put a premium on yourself, if you are a Konsoler!


By well treating your juniors you show the true leadership

If, you are well behaved with your superior that is because you have to. But when you behave well with your colleague or junior staff that shows your family values and dignity. So behave well!



Sighting the example of an ambulance, sir emphasized on how we should use the amenities provided to us sensibly. Because, though they are there to serve our needs, they are not meant for pity tasks such as to fetch snacks from the market or to be ordered coffee/tea untimely. Specially the senior people have to use the resources wisely.


Life follows Maths

The better your input is the better the output will be. To succeed in life, one needs pure discipline (घिसाई) along with talent and passion. You may have a talent and passion on writing or playing guitar or may be learning social media management, but until and unless you go through a course of rigorous efforts with pure discipline you will not be able to do great. This is a rule of life.


Miles to go

Konsole is made of young  people, who are yet to see, achieve and experience so much in life. While this remains a truth, we must make each other remember that there are milestones to achieve, places to see, journey to travel and thus miles to go.